Experience agrotourism, like you have never experienced it before.

By taking advantage of the immaculate nature, the breathtaking unobstructed view of the coast line from our estate located between the sea and the mountain, we have created an environment with the utmost privacy, tranquility and serenity.

A year-round destination, our estate offers an alternative insight in ecology, regional gastronomy and local customs of our country. Experience the morning feeding of our animals and personally selecting your morning breakfast eggs from our hen house.

Experience the traditional harvesting of the olive groves during autumn and discover the secrets to the world famous Mediterranean diet, that has proven a marvel in longevity and health. Gather seasonal fruits from the trees and vegetables from the earth, collect mushrooms and herbs from the mountainsides and make jams, spoon sweets like only the locals can.

A world apart from the tourist hotspots. Here, timeless villages, tiny remote churches, stunning scenery, mountain trails are just waiting to be discovered.

A safe haven for families, hikers, cyclists, photographers and yuppies who just need to get away from the bustling chaos of the city life.

Experience the warmth of the hosts, eager to assist and cater to your needs for an unforgettable experience.