What makes our restaurant special is our perfect
partnership of outstanding hospitality and exquisite
food in an iconic setting.
It’s an ideal spot for a romantic dinner for two or an
easygoing get-together with friends.
Our dishes promise a gastronomy experience. Here
you’ll take part in a game of discovering new tastes
and aromas, new combinations of foods, new fruits
of the earth. The gastronomy here will excite you:
traditional Greek breakfast, colourful authentic
Mediterranean cuisine, Greek local producs, fine
wines, flavourful beers and local spirits.


We seek out fresh local products, bend to the
ancient culinary tradition of a universal culture,
exchange toasts with your neighbours as you drink
wine made from exquisite indigenous grapes, have
fun at lunch parties on Sundays and holidays that
last till evening, enjoying traditional dishes that have
been seasoned with love and special care.
Wine and local spirits
Discover award-winning Greek wine from historic
vineyards. Share traditional local drinks – an
aromatic tsipouro, ouzo or raki of a local producer –
and enjoy the refreshing and flavourful Greek beers
that have been gaining more and more fame in
recent years.
Turn your exploration of the flavours of Greece into
an exciting gastronomic odyssey.