If you are looking for an experienced team of professionals in conference planning and a place away from the city to host your special event, ANTHIDON ESTATE boasts a true gem of elegance and modernity.
Our facilities are transformed magically, so as to best suit your desires and encompass the interesting details of any event. Here is the ideal place for scientific and medical conferences, artists and celebrities, exhibitions and corporate events held by multinational companies.

Close to nature and ambience, our facilities offer you everything you need for your conference or strategic planning session.
Only 1 hour from the center of Athens and 45 minutes for the Athens International airport, the ANTHIDON ESTATE Conference Centre provides facilities to the companies and organizations for their professional activities.
The center seats 100 people comfortably with air conditioning and electronic presentation equipment, as well as special breakaway facilities.
Contact us to discuss an all-inclusive conference package, i.e. accommodation, conference facilities, all meals and refreshments.