Christening reception

Our spacious event hall is the ideal setting to create a fairytale event for both adults and children.

A spacious event hall, utilizing both outdoor and fully air-conditioned indoor spaces of eloquent aesthetics, unpretentious luxury lines, in natural shades of wood and stone, with a comfortable capacity for 400 persons.

Toys and colorful balloons are just some of the ideas that promise to fill the space, but also the hearts of the children. In addition, our collaboration with professional animateurs, clowns and jugglers will offer unforgettable moments of joy and creativity to our Lilliputian friends.

At the same time, the variety of flavors, children’s beverages, selection of fine wines and soothing music will give you and your guests moments of relaxation and fun.

The most important member of the family, on that day, is worth the most special of moments.


Whichever Menu you choose, ANTHIDON ESTATE will welcome your guests with a delightful welcome drink.

Additionally, upon request the bar will be open throughout your reception, offering a wide range of alcoholic beverages and imaginative cocktails served to your guests by experienced bar tenders.


The ANTHIDON ESTATES has full audio and microphone facilities, covering your preferences for live music or a DJ set.

Free Parking

Private parking space is available throughout the event.