Children’s Party

Our Anthidon vents hall is the ideal proposition to host a unique children’s party.

Combining the party with a tour on our farm with many animals, including ostrich, lamas, ponies and deer, the event promises to remain uniquely unforgettable for our Lilliputian friends.

Face painting, balloons, heroes of fairy tales and plays are at the disposal of our little friends for fun without limits.

Experienced educators organize the creative work of small guests according to your wishes while adults enjoy the special view of the Evoikos gulf from our impressive atrium offering a relaxing afternoon and socialization.


Whichever Menu you choose, ANTHIDON ESTATE will welcome your guests with a delightful welcome drink.
Additionally, upon request the bar will be open throughout your reception, offering a wide range of alcoholic beverages and imaginative cocktails served to your guests by experienced bar tenders.


The ANTHIDON ESTATES has full audio and microphone facilities, covering your preferences for live music or a DJ set

Free Parking

Private parking space is available throughout the event.