ΑΝΤΙDON ESTATE is a pole of attraction for both
mountain lovers and sea lovers. On the 60 acres
estate we produce olive oil, olives, grapes,
vegetables and various fruits and aromatic plants.
During the day, visitors can tour the farm with
animals and see the deer, ducks, turkeys,
pheasants, peacocks, wild boar, the goats, ponies
and the ostriches up close, but also have fun with
outdoor activities such as climbing, basketball,
tennis, cycling, walking and swimming.

If again, one desires the cosmopolitan and bustling
parts of the island, it will only take 10-15 minutes to find yourself there.
Οur activities of the estate include trekking, cycling,
diving and snorkeling amongst others.

Specifically, for those who love adventure, Evia is a
paradise on earth: at Chalkida you can kayak the
turbulent Evripos waters. At Eretria’s mainland, at
Malakonta, you can go horseback riding. At M.
Nikolaos mountain lodge you can rest after hiking
the area’s trails. At northern Evia you may walk the
trail between the Drimonas waterfalls and the top of
Ksiros Mountain. In southern Evia you can enjoy a
four-hour hike at Dimosaris gorge. Or you may walk
up Ohi, a natural “balcony” overlooking all of central
Aegean, or discover the famous “drakospita” at
Stira, at Palli Laka – the cyclopean constructions
attributed to the pre-hellenic Dryopes, a tribe
thought to have had supernatural abilities.