We welcome you to the enchanting

Anthidon Estate

In the Anthidona region, which was first mentioned by Homer in the Iliad,
you will find the ANTHIDON ESTATE.

Set amphitheatrically, the estate blends in completely with the uniqueness of the scenery,
combining a breathtaking mountainous and sea landscape with α stunning panoramic view
of the Evoikos gulf.

On our estate, one can enjoy a unique agrotourism experience, clean air and a tranquil
environment away from the bustling noise of the city.
Our visitor has the opportunity to live, feel and taste the true experience of nature, enjoying an environment of effortless luxury, of local character and comforts.



Enjoy an unforgettable experience, amidst the ancient olive trees and under the Greek blue sky. The mountain, the olive trees, wood, stone and the sea are the elements that inspired us for each of our self-catering villas. With a strong value of ecological consciousness,
the eight beautiful villas are constructed with solid wood, with a lean aesthetic and stone paths.

Surrounded by the unique view of the Evoikos Gulf, they offer privacy and absolute relaxation to visitors seeking a hidden getaway
with exclusive amenities.
The perfect choice for those who require quality accommodation in an enchanting location just one hour away from Athens.
A unique destination for unparalleled family holidays, romantic getaways and vacations with friends. Enjoy the magnificent sunsets and the unique sounds of nature, from the veranda of your villa or whilst swimming in the pool. They offer guests comfort, luxury and an unforgettable stay.



Anthidon Estate offers a unique combination of facilities & services catering to the most demanding requirements. Our estate boasts a jaw dropping events hall that is guaranteed to make your special occasion, that ‘one’ to remember.

Our facilities include a pool bar, restaurant, Conference center, wellness & beauty spa, athletic facilities, children’s playground and an animal farm for our Lilliputian friends.



Our estate boasts a jaw dropping events hall that
is guaranteed to make your special occasion,that ‘one’ to remember.



Discover a fusion of ancient culinary tradition and refined gastronomy. Our cuisine
consists of a
variety of carefully crafted dishes that can fully satisfy the gastronomic quests of both
vegetarians and meat lovers.



Just 45 minutes from the Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ and 1 hour from
the center of Athens, the ANTHIDON ESTATE is located geographically on the coast opposite
the Euripus Strait in Chalkida. Specifically, it is located 15 km west of Chalkida, 8 km west
of Drosia and 3 km north of the mountainous village of Loukisia.